UK food traveller claims Malaysia is still his home

by | Sep 18, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

A United Kingdom food traveller who has been living in Malaysia for the past eight years claimed that Malaysia is really his home.

Rhys William on Instagram shared in Bahasa Malaysia that he has a personal attachment to this multi-cultural nation.

In 2013 he had sold all his belongings in the UK and moved to Malaysia with only one suitcase.

He said, “At that time, I didn’t know what would happen in Malaysia, I just knew my dream was to live here.”

Eight years later the Brit is living his best life with a family and a career here. Rhys believes that he feels accepted here. After living more than half of his life in Malaysia, the nation is his home.

“Even though I am still a UK citizen, the UK no longer feels like my ‘home’, when I go there, I can’t wait to return to Malaysia,” he added.

His social media post had left a sentimental touch to other Malaysians.

Desmond Hor said that if you ignore the politics, Malaysia is the best place to stay.

He added that Rhys is more Malaysian than other local-born Malaysians. “Just reading his Malay, it is more fluent than others and he does assimilate well with local culture.”

The foodie who has a huge following with 123,000 followers on Instagram thanked them for all their support and acceptance.

Although it may not always be smooth sailing, he hopes to celebrate Malaysia in the years to come.