Malaysian schools a breeding ground for discrimination

by | Sep 17, 2021 | NEWS | 0 comments

A study by the Sekolah Semua has exposed that 50 per cent of Malaysian students are facing some sort of discrimination in schools.

The study titled ‘Discrimination in Education Survey’ showed that out of that 50 per cent, discrimination faced were verbal, 36 per cent, and physical, 21 per cent. Additionally, 18 per cent said they were denied access to opportunities because of their identities.

The report detailed that it was more common for non-Bumiputera students to consider race-based exclusion a form of discrimination compared to Bumiputera students.

When it came to race, Indians reported they have 87 per cent significantly more experiences of perceived race-based discrimination in schools. Three-quarters of that said the source of discrimination came from the school educators.

Non-Bumiputera students (Chinese: 36 per cent, Indian: 40 per cent) reported greater perceived discrimination from government policies in education than Bumiputera students (Malay: 15 per cent, Others: 23 per cent).

Malaysians on Facebook were disappointed by the findings but were not surprised.

Wesley Chang said that when he was serving the army, the female teachers were openly racist against non-Malays.

He accounted that majority of them were Malays in contrast to 10 per cent non-Malays.

Although in the heat of discrimination, he did not bother because they ‘were just too tired’.

Yoga Raj had commented with a question, “does this surprise, anyone?” He claimed that if a Malaysian from the minority race was surprised, then they were not raised in the country.

He believed that if race-based policies are not eliminated at a government and policy level, there will always be discrimination.