Tales of valour and courage

by | Sep 16, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


Every cloud has a silver lining. Since the first Movement Control Order  in the middle of March 2020 there have been subsequently CMCOs and EMCOs and lockdowns in the bid to counter the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.

It has been a long eighteen months now and nearly 2 million people have been infected and over 20,000 deaths have occured but out of these there has emerged stories of valour and courage that has warmed the hearts of Malaysians.

Every Malaysian knows that he or she is fighting a battle and some of the stories of the bravery and courage of certain people, the sacrifices and the price they are willing to pay to help their fellow Malaysians have indeed touched us.

It has struck a chord and in a roundabout way Covid-19 has brought out a lot of good in us. Not that there is no good in us Malaysians otherwise but the pandemic was a golden opportunity to unite us Malaysians which was not missed.

Malaysians, whether they were in the frontline or merely complying to the SOPs by staying home and staying safe, played their roles well and ensured that they were willing to cooperate with the authorities though sometimes there was confusion in the instructions.

But nevertheless through it all there were unsung  heros and heroines that became towering Malaysians by the sharing of their thoughts, words and deeds that saw us survive the Covid-19 pandemic so far although the battle still rages.


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