Is Homeschooling Your Choice for Your Child?

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

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By Ganesh Gopal

Are you pondering on whether you should homeschool your kids or send them to kindergarten before primary school and then to secondary school? Some parents would prefer to homeschool their kids as they would like to spend more time with them while some might worry if a public or private school environment might not be conducive for learning. There are even parents who are worried if their kids fall victim to bullies at school due to special needs or are medically unfit to attend school.  

There are advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling. As such, parents should choose wisely before making a decision. Homeschooling is when your child’s education is based at home and is tutored by a parent, guardian or teacher. Your child would also get to study at his or her own flexible time. 

In Malaysia, kids who are homeschooled would get to spend more quality time with their parents and lessons could be conducted one-to-one. A child would also be able to have a flexible study schedule based on how fast he or she is keeping up in learning. Guidance and attention would be focused on the child.  

However, there are some setbacks of homeschooling. If your kid is homeschooled, he or she might not get the opportunity to make as many friends as those who attend a public or private school. Parents who homeschool their kids might also not be qualified or might not have sufficient knowledge in the subject that they are teaching. 

Homeschooling provides parents the freedom in choosing the lessons to teach their kids. Parents could even send their kids to homeschooling centres around Malaysia. Whatever your choice is, you should also consider your financial status when making a choice for your kids. You should also consult the Ministry of Education Malaysia before proceeding. 

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