Ways to Improve Our Memory

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By Marissa Chee

A good memory is important as it would help us perform well in our studies and also at work. For students, they would need a good memory to remember and recall everything they have learned and revised, especially when they are sitting for exams. Some people are naturally born with a good memory while some people are more forgetful. However, there are several ways which we could improve our memory. 

A healthy body would partly determine how good our memory would be. Exercise and a healthy diet would be important in playing a part for our ability to remember things. According to some studies, we could also consume fish oil supplements to help boost our memory.

As we age, our memory may not be as good as when we were younger. If you are an elderly person, it is recommended to play games that would help stimulate and keep your brain active. For example, you could play games such as Sudoku, chess, crossword puzzles and other number puzzle games that would help keep your brain fresh and alert. Some studies have shown that keeping your brain occupied and active would slow down the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. 

If you are a student who spends most of your time studying but has difficulty in remembering your lessons, you should practice reviewing what you have learned from time to time. This would help store the information from short-term memory to long-term memory. 

Lack of sufficient hours of sleep would also affect our memory. When we are tired and sleepy, we might not be able to remember what we have learned or studied. We might even forget to complete our tasks at work and even at home. Sleep is also important for us to stay healthy and alert during the day.

We could also train our memory by learning a new skill or language, take up online courses and even learn how to play a new instrument. These are some of the fun ways to train our memory and keep our brain active. Staying mentally active also prevents our brain from being sluggish.   

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