Kids Joining In To Send Food Aid: An App That Rewards Kid For Trying Goes One Step Further

by | Sep 14, 2021 | SUSTAINABILITY | 0 comments

More than 220 school going kids (aged between 9-16) took on the challenge issued by an education rewards app, DUMO. Kids were told that if they answered more than 12,000 questions over a duration of 3 weeks. 

The kids (aged between 9 – 16), a majority of whom are students from Idrissi International School, Global Indian International School, Aspiration International Secondary School, REAL International School (JB), Oakrich International School, Sunway International School, MoneyTree Academy Bandar Seri Alam, Sunway Pre – University, Harvest Academy rose to the challenge. Kids and students from these schools, were told that if they managed to collectively answer questions on DUMO (covering Financial Literacy, Maths, Science, History and other subjects), DigitalBank Pte Ltd (publishers of the DUMO app) will donate RM500 worth of food to the needy.

The idea for the initiative came about when the team at DUMO was discussing with its partners on how to increase the awareness amongst schoolchildren on how some people have suffered economically during the past year and how kids could play a role in contributing.

DUMO’s Chief Operating Officer Lim Tze Wye said, “The kids were just amazing. We initially started with a target of them just competing 8,000 questions, but they hit that target really early. So, we decided to increase the amount that would be contributed if they hit 12,000 questions.”

“Based on the results that we have achieved in this campaign, we are looking ahead to see what other initiatives we can run to foster among kids a sense of responsibility for their community” Lim added.

DUMO, which is available on Playstore   and Appstore, focuses on “Future- Readying” children by helping kids to improve on the Academic subjects such as Maths and Science as well as Financial Literacy, Digital Intelligence and other Life Skills. DUMO encourages kids to perform well and offers them little rewards for achieving high levels.

Parents can also view a report on their kids’ performance on demand. DUMO has run trials in Thailand & Cambodia and will soon be available across 5 countries in the ASEAN region.