KJ – A Prime Minister in the making

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


Malaysia’s newly-appointed Health Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, oozes with a certain boldness, vibrancy and dynamism and tackles his responsibilities so well that he is being tipped as a possible Prime Minister of the nation for the future.

But the not-so-young KJ, as he is popularly known as, is well aware that in Malaysian politics the old guard still holds sway and he will have a tough time to pull off a wish of being Prime Minister given that the old timers have a tenacious grip on power.

But the unassuming KJ shows poise and confidence and displays an intellectual prowess that has earned him the admiration of many Malaysians including those in the opposing divide of the political spectrum.

He seems to be well on his way as Malaysians long for a changing of guard and desire for the faded and jaded set of politicians which they perceive have nothing but foggy ideas and notions on how to govern a nation.

KJ stands out as a breath of fresh air with his bright and breezy politics. He has served with distinction from the time he was UMNO Youth chief and has climbed the ranks by sheer ability and perseverance.

This is why his star is on an ascendancy and many Malaysians are already rooting for him to be groomed as Prime Minister. This seems to be the position that is waiting for him barring any unfortunate or unforeseen circumstances.


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