Decriminalizing suicide a right measure

by | Sep 12, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


The recent move by the Ministry of Health Malaysia to decriminalize suicide has been in the pipeline for sometime now and is set to see the light of day unless there is pressure and dissent from individuals and organizations.

But those who plan to oppose the move by the Health Ministry to decriminalize suicide must be made aware that no one in his or her right frame of mind would willfully want to end their life. Suicide is basically the act of an insane person.

People suffer from all kinds of mental and emotional illnesses and these people are generally considered crazy or mad. But those who attempt or commit suicide are insane. This is why they must not be blamed for their actions.

It is not just that the person who attempts suicide is of diminished capacity, it is a medically proven fact that attempting or comitting suicide is just a plain act of insanity that is beyond the control of a person.

Therefore, in this event how can any rational person press criminal charges against a deranged person. Already the person is in a state of acute suffering and distress and wants to die, is it right to add insult to injury by laying a criminal charge against him or her.

This is why the government of the day must without further hesitation or delay abolish the law that makes suicide a crime. Instead of punishing the offender, perhaps the best thing that needs to be done is to institutionalize them in a mental asylum and offer treatment until they recover.


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