Cashing in on the multi-billion ringgit halal industry

by | Sep 11, 2021 | Business, LOCAL, Opinions | 0 comments


Perhaps many Malaysians are unaware. But over the last two decades the halal industry in this country has been growing by leaps and bounds and in this Covid-19 economy Malaysians will be well advised to venture into the global halal industry.

What is of even greater surprise is that not just Malay-Muslims but the Chinese and Indian businesspersons have jumped on the bandwagon to carve a share for themselves in this cash-rich industry.

In fact Malaysia is a prominent leader in the worldwide halal industry over the last decade and the industry is growing bigger as halal-certified products suggest that they are healthy and acceptable not just by Muslims but by everyone.

In Malaysia, the government must be credited for giving incentives and assistance to traders who are keen on venturing into the halal industry and this has resulted in the creation of opportunities to market products not just locally but abroad as well.

The Malaysian halal brand has earned a hard-earned reputation of being of high quality and standard because the criteria to receive a halal certification for any product must go through a series of extensive and exhaustive tests.

This is why engaging in business in the halal industry, irrespective of whether there is a Covid-19 pandemic or not, the halal industry beckons investors with lucrative returns no matter how the global economy is functioning.


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