Random Acts of Kindness Bring Us and Others Joy

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Photo Credit: Unsplash

By Choo Mei Lin

An act of kindness always goes a long way. Every kind gesture of helping another person would make a difference in someone’s life. During the lockdown, there are people who would feel tired, lonely or depressed. Some even lost their jobs as their companies started retrenching people due to the lack of income. Many NGOs and corporations have distributed aid in the form of food and basic necessities to the needy. 

As an individual, we might not be able to donate a large amount of money to the needy. However, a simple move of calling your friends, colleagues and relatives would show how much you truly care for their well-being. A simple “hello” and “how are you” could make people feel cared for. 

When you notice that your neighbours need some basic necessities and you are able to provide them with it, you could pay them a visit and hand the things over. Not only would they feel grateful for your help, you would also feel good as you have put a smile on someone’s face. 

A random act of kindness would also make you a happier person as giving back to society is an act of altruism. We would also feel connected to each other, strengthen social ties and build trust. 

Other random acts of kindness which you could do is to volunteer for social work, give free tuition to an underprivileged neighbour, give compliments to others, help your busy neighbour water the plants, send a birthday greeting or a thank-you card to someone who has helped you. 

You could also be creative when it comes to being kind to others. There are lots of other ways that you could help and make someone happy. Be it spontaneous or planned, an act of kindness would greatly help and impact a person in one way or more. The recipient of your kind act would also feel that they are loved. 

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