A fish rots from the head

by | Sep 10, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


Many Malaysians are confused and worried. Even though the book has been thrown at some leading politicians for corruption yet they have actually bounced back and this despite the overwhelming evidence and proof against them that they are guilty of crimes.

What gives? It looks as if those who are the top brass in the country are exempt from the rule of law. It has become very obvious that leading politicians are able to bend and break the rules simply because of the power they wield.

The courts appear to be subservient to these politicians but let us all be aware where this is leading the country because a fish rots from the head. If the people at the top are corrupt it follows that the rest of the people of a nation become corrupt.

Just as a fish starts to rot from the head eventually the whole fish just rots. This is the reason why many Malaysians are genuinely fearful and worried over the future of this country. This is also why corruption within the civil service is endemic.

It was former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad, when he was Prime Minister for his second tenure, who used the term ‘endemic’ to describe corruption in government. This casts in iron the fact that the top leaders of the country and government are corrupt.

Now that every Malaysian knows that the heads of Malaysia are rotting it is up to them to use their voting power to boot the corrupt, the inept and the deadwood before the whole country starts to rot in a stinking mess.


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