CMMC Level 3 Suppliers Course Added to Supply Chain Cybersecurity Education Program

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Through its CMMC Academy initiative, Celerium now offers a CMMC Level 3 course for defense and U.S. government contractors to prepare for CMMC assessment.

Celerium Inc., through its CMMC Academy initiative, now offers an online CMMC course intended to help U.S. government contractors and subcontractors prepare for CMMC Level 3 assessment. The U.S. Department of Defense introduced the CMMC program in an effort to improve the cybersecurity of the 300,000+ contractors and subcontractors in the defense supply chain.

The CMMC Insights Level 3 Course will significantly enhance understanding of the CMMC Assessment Level 3 Guide and CMMC Reference/Source documents by focusing on a detailed description of exactly what is needed to comprehensively prepare for an assessment, what an assessor is looking for, and the evidence and validation criteria required to pass a Level 3 assessment.

Celerium, as both a Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP) and Licensed Training Provider (LTP) with the CMMC Accreditation Body (CMMC AB), is authorized to create training materials for future CMMC assessors. The CMMC Insights courses leverage knowledge gained from LPP and LTP work to help suppliers understand what a CMMC assessor will look for during an assessment.

CMMC Insights Comprehensive Course Learning Portal

The CMMC Insights Course Learning Portal features rich educational and insightful material. The core of the course is online instructional material spanning 12 modules, which can be completed in 20-24 hours. This material includes quizzes, a final exam, and a mock assessment to help reinforce assessment readiness. Advanced tools, including a secure self-assessment solution and online reference guide, complement the course instructional material and will help companies assess and keep track of their CMMC assessment readiness as they go through the course.

As the CMMC program evolves, updates will be provided in the course learning portal. This section will address key topics such as reciprocity and scoping and provide lessons learned from DIBCAC assessors and C3PAOs.

This course was fully beta tested by a variety of DoD suppliers with a range of auditing and assessment experience.

“Now is the time for U.S. Department of Defense, GSA, DHS, and other government agency contractors to prepare for CMMC assessments,” said Celerium COO Chris Gundel. “The recent authorization of CMMC assessors is a big step toward rolling out the CMMC program, and contractors and subcontractors don’t want to be left behind. Our CMMC Insights course will help these government suppliers understand the CMMC Model, the 17 domains, Level 1 through Level 3 practices, processes, and supporting documentation – and all of the components, such as scoping and practice sufficiency, that go with it.”

More information about the CMMC Insights Level 3 Suppliers Course is available on the Celerium website.

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