Are You Always Impulse Buying?

by | Sep 7, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Photo Credit: Flickr 

By Amelia Lee

Many of us enjoy shopping and it could be one of our favourite pastimes when we are out with friends. However, when we do not have a shopping list at hand or in mind, our shopping experience might turn into impulsive buying. 

When we visit a store, there are many items that would catch our attention. Some people might just opt to purchase anything they see and pay those items with a credit card. In this case, impulse buying would lead to debt if we are not able to pay off the outstanding credit card bill that we owe to the bank.

People also tend to engage in impulse buying when there is a sale and also when we listen to our emotions. Sometimes, ladies tend to buy things when they want to de-stress. Hence, advertisers would look for various creative ways to make their advertisements look attractive to the point of getting more buyers.

People who are able to purchase what they want without having to burn a hole in their pockets would also end up not using certain items that they bought. For instance, if you love to shop for clothes and you own a large wardrobe of the latest fashion, you might neglect wearing some of the clothes you purchased and end up wearing only your favourite ones. 

Some spouses would even get into arguments when one of them is constantly buying things on an impulse. The situation would affect their finances and the main argument would be about money.

In order to not be in debt, it is wise to exercise self-control when it comes to buying. Shopping may be a therapeutic experience to some but it still requires us to discern and decide whether the items we see and want to buy is a necessity or is it just something that we want and could be bought after we have saved up money.   

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