The flip side of Covid-19 pandemic

by | Sep 6, 2021 | Business, LOCAL, Opinions | 0 comments


There’s a flip side to the Covid-19 pandemic and this country as a nation must be made aware of it as Malaysians go about the arduous task of trying to contain and keep at bay the by now rampant and widespread coronavirus.

The Covid-19 pandemic is a worldwide phenomenon. In the shadows of this phenomenon there is a global trade war going on between the largest two economies of the world, the United States and China.

Malaysians in their comfort zone will be well aware to be advised that they are losing their competitive edge in the world to lesser nations that have begun to overtake our nation because of our lack of awareness and gullibility.

There are a number of disturbing reports that Malaysia is losing its traditional dominance in a number of manufacturing and economic sectors to other nations. This is not a good sign. As we focus on eradicating the Covid-19 menace the economic growth must not be neglected.

Now is the right time to begin to renew our competitive edge and battle for our space in the global economy or be left behind. Though most of us are tired and weary battling the Covid-19 pandemic it is now time to focus more energy on rebuilding our battered economy.

While this is a tall order at present, there are indications that those of us Malaysians who are young and restless should be given the task of leading the nation back to normalcy while the seniors can act  in an advisory or mentoring role.


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