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Mohd Ezman Zamani grew up in a middle-class family and as an adventurous person, he has explored many business opportunities and gained valuable insights from them. In an interview with TMV, the dynamic entrepreneur talks about his vision for his newly founded company, Radiance Assets Berhad, his future plans for the business and his passion in helping his staff improve and succeed in their careers.  

“I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental & Occupational Health majoring in Indoor Air Quality. I was the former Chief Marketing Officer of Bacera Co Ltd, one of the world’s leading multinational financial institutions in Sydney, Australia,” says Ezman who has about 10 years of experience in the investment industry. “However, I made a drastic move and chose an unexpected pathway by exploring the financial sectors.” 

“Do not let mistakes or failures demotivate you for they are there as stepping stones to make you stronger.”

In 2008, Ezman started his career as a Business Consultant. “My job scope required me to focus on areas such as business development, corporate management, tourism and team building.” says Ezman who learned and gained a lot of experience in his early days. “As an entrepreneur, I’ve been through challenges in the business for many years but I’m glad that my wife always supported and believed in me. She is my backbone and she gave me the strength to keep moving forward to achieve my dreams.”

Radiance Assets Berhad started with a vision to create a lifestyle that integrates technology seamlessly into the lives of consumers. “I believe that through the right investment and the right people, we could achieve our vision,” says Ezman confidently. “We need to focus on integrating and having a high-tech solution. My hope for the company is to achieve its goals while creating a sustainable environment for our team to inspire them to overcome obstacles.”   

The company focuses on technology related investments and currently one of our core investment is in Fintech. “We invest in five key sectors of Fintech which are e-wallet, digital commerce, remittance, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence,” says the enterprising founder. “We foresee that FinTech will play an important role in the future. We are currently engaged with a few companies around the world to develop various areas of FinTech such as remittance, financing and green technology.” 

“We have developed a payment gateway through our subsidiary RediPay and have already started registering merchants on the platform. Consumers will also be able to process digital payment via Redipay. There will also be a prepaid debit/credit card from our collaboration with UnionPay and a Gold Bar with our collaboration with Kasih Gold,” says Ezman. “Our other services include RediCash, which acts as an Islamic financing mechanism. RediCash also focuses on asset recovery, asset financing and asset disposal. 

Our services and investments are also involved in tourism, healthcare and agriculture sectors, which are all technology related. We are expanding our services to reach more sectors to sustain and strive for better advancement. Diversity is key.”

“I believe that diversifying my investment in various sectors is important for me to create more opportunities that could be shared with many more people. My vision is for Radiance Assets to be big on a global scale and also one of the biggest business empires in at least ten years.” says the aspiring entrepreneur.  

“My greatest achievement is that I am able to help many people along the way. I am happy that I can help my family lift their financial burdens. I have seen many of the people under my wings and who have started from scratch becoming a leader in their respective endeavours.” says Ezman proudly. “This is also an achievement on human development to me.” 

“If you are interested in starting a business, you should just do it. If people say that you shouldn’t, prove them wrong with your success. Always be hungry for success and find your passion,” says the entrepreneur. “Do not let mistakes or failures demotivate you for they are there as stepping stones to make you stronger. Do not be afraid of them. Embrace them as the guide to your path of success. Do not be doubtful but believe in yourself. Only then others will believe in you also. Let your success speak loudly for you.”