Home Ministry not solely responsible for SOP compliance

by | Sep 6, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

The Home Ministry has stated that authorities are not solely responsible for standard operating procedure (SOP) compliance in the midst of lifting restrictions.

Home Minister Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin said the Home Ministry is responsible for ensuring SOP compliance but is not limited to that task.

The work should also be a real balance between people’s lives and their livelihoods.

He added, “We have other strategies such as in safeguarding our border areas and entry points against illegal entry by individuals and those carrying drugs and so on. Let us focus on these.”

The Larut Member of Parliament deflected blame and placed on employers who needed to enforce SOPs among their workers.

He said that efforts should start with the employers and if employees are unhappy, they can report to the Home Ministry.

His statements had since reeled in comments from Malaysians accusing him of not accepting responsibility.

Jeff Ng of Facebook wrote, “What an irresponsible government this is. Just wash your hand and blame everything on the rakyat. If you cannot manage, just resign. There are lots of capable people around.”

Another user said the Home Minister should not impose their failure on the people. Instead, they should take full responsibility for making people’s lives miserable.