The amazing Paralympian

by | Sep 5, 2021 | Opinions, Sports | 0 comments


Every four years until the Olympics of 2021 the world gets to watch the sheer grandiosity of the Olympics. But now coming out of the shadow of the Olympics is the equally impressive Paralympics where disabled persons show off that disability is not a barrier or a handicap.

Malaysians are witness to the agony and ecstasy of the Tokyo Paralympics and are glued to their seats watching the nail biting and tense finale of a wide range of sports some of which were previously unheard of to us.

The Paralympics is a real defining moment for all of us because in one go it elevates those who suffer from certain defects to be able to equate themselves and do as well as those who are able bodied.

The pride in our eyes is there as our Paralympians battle for honors with participants from all over the world and it is indeed the time to yell a hearty “Malaysia Boleh” to spur on our Paralympians in their quest to bring glory and honour to the nation.

There were a few heartbreaks, a number of hits and misses and lost glory so far but Malaysians are fully committed to giving their support and encouragement to their Paralympians because they have worked hard and paid the price to obtain glory.

This Paralympics is teaching us and showing us the triumph of the human spirit over disability and gives us the assurance that there is no disability that can’t be overcome and despite a handicap life can always give us a good feeling of wellness and satisfaction.


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