Authorities shouldn’t experiment during Covid-19

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


If analysed and viewed since the Covid-19 outbreak began in Malaysia it looks like the relevant authorities are using a trial-and-error approach to try and contain the pandemic but to no avail. Instead it has only served to increase the number of casualties and infections.

Don’t experiment with Covid-19 solutions because it can be dangerous and backfire. Instead of a trial and-error approach the authorities should learn to adopt a tried-and-tested formula. This should be the way forward.

The relevant authorities in Malaysia handling the Covid-19 pandemic should learn from countries that have been very successful in battling the coronavirus, like New Zealand and Singapore, countries where life is now lived as near normal as possible.

Being experimental, creative, innovative and doing it our ‘Malaysia Boleh’ way has only served to create a greater outbreak of the virus. This is why the relevant authorities should swallow their pride and ask for help and assistance from those in the know.

In fact, any individual, organization or country that can propose workable ideas and thoughts towards eradicating Covid-19 should be welcome with open arms to help and assist the Malaysian authorities.

Instead of going round in circles the authorities should confess they have lost the plot and learn to seek help and think of the many lives that are being lost and lives that can be saved in future by merely allowing the right entities to oversee the eradication of Covid-19 in Malaysia.


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