Time to review social contract

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought out the best and the worst in us Malaysians and what is most important, what is seemingly inevitable now is that the ancient social contract of Malaysia needs to be visited, discussed and debated and be renewed to suit the prevailing times.

Times have changed us Malaysians. The people of this country are now better informed and better educated and they now call a spade a spade. They want for life to be fair and just for every Malaysian.

The social contract needs renewal because it is outdated, archaic and obsolete. The government of the day must show the way by drawing up a White Paper for Malaysians to set the tone and the agenda for the future of our country.

There must be no mistaking the gravity of the situation before us and the seriousness of reviewing the existing social contract must be given consideration by every citizen of this country and they must be free to wish and propose what they want to see in a new social contract.

There might be some quarters who are content with the social contract of the present but given the present realities the majority of Malaysians want to see changes in the country, not mere cosmetic changes, but real change that they can believe.

All of these facets to appease the rakyat and to satiate the wishes and aspirations of the people begin with reviewing the social contract and it is time for our political leaders to be bold, brave and courageous to take the bull by the horns.


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