Merdeka mission for Malaysians

by | Sep 1, 2021 | NEWS | 0 comments


It is  the ideals of the founding father of Malaysia or Bapa Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman, that all of us Malaysians, irrespective of race, religion and cultural mores, be prepared  to return to 64 years later.

The birth of the nation, on 31st August 1957, was formulated based on the full tenets and obligations of democracy by the Tunku who was unwavering in his stance to lead the rakyat of Malaysia under the banner of a newly-birthed nation.

The British colonialists retreated and departed. The Tunku knew now was the opportunity for the infant nation to be nurtured on the basis of love and truth and he spelt out his ideals for the nation to strive towards.

Lofty ambitions but when the Tunku was ousted as the Prime Minister after the May13, 1969 race riots the nation somewhat lost its way and since then there has been much friction, pull and push and now it is very obvious that the nation must embrace once again the ideals of the Tunku.

The Tunku cherished the ideal of a just Malaysia where justice, fairplay and meritocracy was the core and basis of developing the nation and moving forward striving keenly towards establishing a proud, united nation where peace and harmony prevails.

Over the years the nation has strayed and wandered away and lost the guiding principles of the Tunku to which if the country wants to prosper and prevail they must return to and forget the many years lost to poor and weak leaders as nothing but a bad dream or era.

It’s time once more to move on as One Nation together vying for our place in the world by resurrecting and reviving the ideals of the Tunku as the important cornerstone of nation building.


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