Suspect who assaulted a security guard has political ties

by | Aug 30, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

A man who allegedly assaulted a security guard in an old viral video has been revealed to have political ties on Monday, August 30.

The viral video of the suspect slamming a table towards on the victim, Thava Sagayam, started to go viral again after the victim died on Saturday (Aug 28).

His death was reported to be a lung infection but the family claims its injuries from the assault.

The details of the suspect have since been circulating online with pictures of him posing next to prominent politicians.

Malaysians have shared their anger on social media with citizens citing power-hungry made him do it.

Helen Lukus wrote on Facebook, “What kind of a violent attacker does this act in front of his child? Politics gave him assurance that he is above others. Please convict and sack him from politics.”

Vincent Goh also questioned how his son (in the video) felt after witnessing assaulting the hapless Thava.

He added that his son could have sleepless nights over the traumatic event.

Another commentator, Hayati Ismail, claimed that she was familiar with people that came from his area.

She referenced that although he was a low-ranking member in the affiliated political party, it’s usual for them to be power crazy.

Perak Police Chief Datuk Mior Faridalthrash Wahid has reopened the tragic case that happened on December 29, 2020.

He revealed that the suspect was charged on January 6 and was to be sentenced on September 9.