Dog shelter owner pleads for financial help to support 59 dogs

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A Malaysian dog shelter owner has pleaded on Facebook for financial help so he can support 59 adopted dogs.

The owner, identified as Erlang’s Dog, was diagnosed with Covid-19 and is worried that he may not outlive the disease.

He said, “If I’m not around anymore, I hope my children, my 59 dogs, will have someone to take care of them. I’ve done so for eight years.”

The elderly man began adopting dogs who were sick, injured and puppies who had lost their mother from accidents.

The current home that he lives in cost him RM 3,200 per month but it is the only choice he is left with. He was previously evicted from previous landed properties due to his neighbours complaining of the foul smell and noises from the dogs.

On top of the monthly rent, the food supplies for the dogs raise expenses to RM 5,600. This is not inclusive of the RM 1,500 salary he pays for a house helper to take care of the house when he is at work.

Before the pandemic crisis, Erlang had a sustainable business but has since gone bankrupt. He now works two jobs to bring some income.

Erlang is pleading for financial aid for his ‘children’. He said, “I’m begging for help for two of these things (money for rent and food). Each one of these dogs are like my children. I’ve lived this long just for them.”

Donations can be made to:

Erlang’s Dog

8604609518 (CIMB)


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