Always Take Care of our Elderly Parents

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Photo Credit: Pexels

By Sazali Rosman 

When we were kids, our parents took care of us and provided us with basic necessities such as shelter, food, pocket money and a chance for education. Their love for us has no bounds and when we become adults, it is only right that we take good care of our aging parents.  

Many adults would shift out of their parents’ house and live elsewhere. Adults who are married and have started their own family would have less time to spend with their parents. However, it is important that no matter how busy we are, we must always remember to give our parents a phone call, text message and pay them a visit whenever we can. 

Aging adults whose kids have moved out tend to miss the presence of their children. Single parents who do not have many friends, have not remarried and are not in any romantic relationship would also feel lonely when they are living alone. As such, our daily phone calls would mean a lot to our aging parents. 

Besides communicating with our parents daily, it is important to also ask and be aware if our parents have any health concerns. If you have parents who have ailments and you are staying far from your parents’ house, you should always call to provide emotional support and to ensure that they are taking their medications, or have paid a doctor a visit whenever they are not feeling well. If you are able to visit your parents, it is still best to bring them to a clinic or hospital for yearly check-ups. 

Making changes in the house would also ensure that our elderly parents are safe. One way is to install anti-slip mats on the bathroom floor as when the floor is wet, it would be slippery and a fall experienced by an elderly person could be deadly. 

Whenever we have the free time, we should take our parents for a walk in the park or to places that could make them feel happy and relaxed. Spending time and having fun with them would also make them joyful and less stressed. Taking a walk is also very good exercise for the elderly.  

Lastly, we as children should ensure that our parents are eating healthily. When we are out doing some grocery shopping, we should purchase healthy ingredients for them to prepare meals. If you have an aging parent who has mobility issues, it is also good to employ a trusted caregiver who would purchase these ingredients and cook on your behalf. 

When our children witness how we take good care of our parents, they will also learn to take good care of us when we grow old. 

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