The Important Role of a Teacher

by | Aug 26, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Photo Credit: Pixabay

By Tan Chee Hou

A teacher is someone who educates, guides and delivers knowledge to a student. Dedicated teachers play an important role in the education world as they would tirelessly impart knowledge to their students until they succeed to understand the contents of a particular subject or course.  

Students are considered as the country’s future and teachers are their guide for advancement in the area of academics, extra-curricular activities and also in shaping a brighter future. Teachers should also impart good values and knowledge to their students. A good teacher would also pay attention to the needs of their students to ensure that they are doing well and are not falling behind in their studies. 

A teacher should be patient, emphatic, compassionate and keen to educate his or her students in problem-solving skills. This would ensure that the students would not only succeed in their studies but also be capable of solving future conflicts or challenges that come their way. Successful students are not only good in their academics but would also excel in sports. They are also creative, innovative and are able to think out of the box. 

When these students step into the working world, they would become sought-after employees, inventors or entrepreneurs who could contribute greatly to society.  Teachers should also motivate and inspire their students to work hard to reach their academic or personal goals. 

Students who are mentored by good teachers would find a purpose in life. They are able to determine their goals and ambitions or career choice for the future. The children and youths of today would be the leaders of tomorrow. 

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