PM promotes The Malaysian Family

by | Aug 25, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


In probably his first announcement when he was announced as the Prime Minister, Dato Seri Ismail Sabri very rightly hit a chord with Malaysians when he stated that his administration will be focused on ‘The Malaysian Family’.

He got a thumping round of applause and acclaim because in the past administrations have also focused on ‘Keluargaku Syurgaku’. Family First is what it should be all about and if every family is considered a unit of society and faring well, the nation will also be well.

It is when families are racked with problems and issues that there is widespread discontent in society. All sorts of social ills surface when the members of a family begin to encounter problems and issues that they find difficult to solve or handle.

But while the newly-appointed Prime Minister’s announcement is lauded, Malaysians will be watching carefully how he proposes to have a Family First concept and thereby immediately improve vastly on the Quality-of-Life of Malaysians.

While in the past the ‘Keluargaku Syurgaku’ fared quite well with only one particular race, it is important that The Malaysian Family have an inclusiveness and ensure that all races come under the ambit of this well-meaning program by the Prime Minister.

The Malaysian Family is an astounding initiative by the Prime Minister and he will be closely watched and monitored as to how his grand scheme takes off and takes shape as many countries around the world are also struggling with familial issues that are beyond them.


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