Time for younger politicians to replace aging stars

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


There might not even be a need to say this because it has become common knowledge that Malaysia’s aging political stalwarts have been on the local political landscape for so long that they seem to have become a permanent fixture.

While there is also no need for us to say who they are because Malaysians know who they are and they cling on to power as if it is their divine right, scheming, manipulating and maneuvering in the corridors of power to ensure they stay in power.

But it is time to do the right, proper and dignified thing by these aging politicians to make way for young, aspiring politicians. It looks like if Malaysians are able to speak with one voice, they will be saying to these older politicians – You have overstayed your welcome.

There are quite a number of youth politicians who display the potential in Malaysia to be world class leaders. These young aspirants must be nurtured and opportunities have to be created for them to display their  talents, skills and abilities.

In the run up to the 15th General Election scheduled for mid-2023, political parties of all stripes, no matter what they profess, believe or advocate, must take the necessary measures to ensure that young, capable leaders are chosen to lead the nation.

It is not that older politicians are totally unwanted. They will still have a place and a say in the nation’s affairs as mentors and advisors but the truth is many older politicians have stayed on for far too long and  have become inept and unable to keep up with changes.

The political landscape in Malaysia is changing fast and the bulk of older politicians are unable to read the signs and have lost the plot. Malaysians want egalitarian values and for all the tenets and obligations of democracy such as fairplay, justice and meritocracy to be restored in full.


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