The tonic that Malaysia needs right now

by | Aug 24, 2021 | NEWS | 0 comments


Ask any right thinking Malaysian what the country needs right now and most likely they will confess that what is badly needed is for a changing of the guard as they are sick, tired, fed up and have had enough of politicking by politicians.

This is the plea and the request of  nearly all Malaysians. Stop the politicking. It is difficult for politicians to fool a better informed and better educated nation of people and that is the simple reason why all forms of politicking must cease at once.

Instead what Malaysians wish to see is for politicians to let their work do the talking and for politicians to sacrifice and serve their respective constituencies to ensure that the rakyat get what they have voted for in the 14th General Election.

Politicians should not renege on their electoral promises, instead they have to strive to fulfill them in a bid to appease the rakyat. Don’t go back on your word because you were elected for a reason and the electorate has given you an opportunity to prove yourself.

Malaysians have seen enough of the u-turns made, speaking one thing and meaning another and doing something else. These foolish antics by a number of self-serving, self-seeking politicians has not gone down well with many Malaysians.

The tonic that Malaysia needs right now is a real reformation or transformation that will bring happiness, peace, joy and satisfaction to the people. There has to be an immediate effort to raise the Quality-of-Life and living for all of us Malaysians by the right politics.


** The views expressed on this opinion is of the writer and not the publisher