Struggling Malaysian violinist seeks tips after online performance

by | Aug 24, 2021 | THE GRAPEVINE | 0 comments

A Malaysian violinist trying to provide food for herself has turned to her supporters for tips after her online performance.

Endang Gyder in a Twitter post played her cover performance based on the song Reckless from Madison Beer.

She also stated that if viewers wished to tip her for the performance, they could do so via numerous methods.

The upload reached more than 173,000 views and charmed her audience.

One user, @NurFarhaniRizal, commented, “This is soooo goood! I hope @madisonbeer notice you, girl. Soooo talented!”

The mother of 3 children is facing a severe struggle to have an income since the pandemic had halted the music industry.

She said, “Pre-pandemic, I was doing well as a music teacher specialising in violin, cello and piano and was earning a stable income.”

During the Movement Control Order in 2020, Endang had to sell her RM 20,000 violin to buy a wheelchair for her double leg amputee father.

Several NGOs had supported her in the past, but it yielded not enough with subsequent MCOs.

The talented violinist is hoping that her effort will be successful or else she is forced to let go of the house she bought in 2019.