How to Overcome Writer’s Block

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Photo Credit: Pixabay

By Rahim Abu

Writer’s block will happen to every writer, it is unavoidable. You would feel that your creative juice has stopped flowing and words are hard to appear on paper. The struggle begins. This would often lead to frustration and stress if we are desperately trying to meet deadlines or are trying to publish a book. 

When we as writers encounter this challenging situation, what matters the most is what we do about it. There are various causes for writer’s block, this includes stress, lack of confidence in writing and also burnout. Some writers are also unable to produce a good work because of their perfectionism, they just feel that their article or story isn’t good enough. 

There are a few ideas to try out if we want to cure our writer’s block. We could take a walk in a park, randomly scribble out words that come through our mind or distract ourselves by doing other activities that we love. We could also try redecorating our writing desk and also changing our writing environment. Another way is to read a book as we would get inspired and develop ideas of our own after reading another author’s work. Lastly, brainstorming for ideas would work greatly especially if you’re working on a fiction novel. 

No matter what it takes for writers to get back to writing, the first and most important thing we should do is to never give up on writing. Giving up would entirely mean that you will stop writing and might not resume your favourite hobby or job for a longer period than you could imagine. Hence it is important to develop a writing routine daily and never give up. We should also just write whatever that comes to our mind and edit it later. It’s also wise to stop spending so much time in finding the “perfect” word for our articles and stories. 

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