Doctors claim Ivermectin a full spectrum medication for Covid-19

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Malaysian doctors have claimed that the controversial Ivermectin drug is effective in treating Covid-19 and being wrongfully smeared in an online conference on Saturday, August 21.

Doctor Amir Farid Isahak, who had his clinic raided by the Health Ministry for supplying Ivermectin, was among the other speakers.

Doctor Amir shared his evidence that Ivermectin is safe and not how the government discredits it to be.

He cited a clinical trial from 2002 that Ivermectin was generally well tolerated with no indication of Central Nervous System Toxicity (CNS). The trial demonstrated that Ivermectin doses were safe for up to 10 times the highest FDA-approved dose of 200 microgm/kg.

A second Ivermectin study cited from March 2021, proved that Ivermectin was safe for the elderly.

There was no greater CNS toxicity of Ivermectin from the elderly although other claims that an ageing blood-brain barrier might lead to increase Ivermectin levels in the brain.

He dismissed that serious neurological cause by Ivermectin was common but claimed it is likely rare.

Regarding organ damage by Ivermectin, the doctor defended it by pointing that the Coronavirus itself damages the organs and it is unfair to blame it on the drug.

He said, “Covid-19 damages all organs, and the damage can continue way past the acute stage, well beyond discharge from the hospital. In fact, many get readmitted (long covid). Some take Ivermectin and the anti-ivermectin doctors are quick to blame Ivermectin for the organ damage.”

Doctor Amir also pointed out that the Health Director-General, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, said Ivermectin was cheap, easily available and safe for use.

Doctor Noor Hisham stated in January that oral Ivermectin is listed under WHO essential medicines from 2019.

However, Doctor Amir claimed that Ivermectin is unpopular due to pharmaceutical companies not marketing for more favourable anti-helminthics. The Health Ministry in 2015 had released a guideline that Ivermectin is used for mass treatment or outbreaks for scabies.

A second doctor, Doctor Satvinder, said that Ivermectin can be used during any of the 5 stages of the covid disease. But added that it is most effective when used in stages one and two where the virus is less threatening.

The drug can also be used with other vaccinations, and it is safe as evident by the 35 trials conducted worldwide.

The doctor explained that Ivermectin comes to play in the early stages where there is an unmet need. An unmet need is during a period of no viable solutions existing.

He said the drug was endorsed for the primitive stage to prevent it from escalating to stages four and five.

A recovered Covid-19 patient by the name of Lilian was also a speaker at the conference. She believed that her quick recovery was by Ivermectin administered by the hospital at that time.

The housewife said when she was sent to a private hospital, she was a category four. She was administered a higher efficacy dose of Ivermectin to supplement the treatment she received during her 14-day hospital admission.

The level of her C-reactive protein fell from 173 mg/L to 11 mg/L within six days. By day eight, any evidence of the C-reactive protein was not traceable.

The doctors were surprised and claimed that her recovery was ‘fast’.

She added, “This is my appeal to the relevant bodies (to approve Ivermectin) as a patient, a rakyat, a mother and a wife who loves this country.”


** This feature is not in any way endorsing or advocating Ivermectin for any medical treatment