A Fan of Plants? Keep a House Plant

by | Aug 23, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Photo Credit: Pixabay

By Muhammad Aizul

Are you a fan of plants but do not have a patch of land or an outdoor garden? If you are, you should opt to keep an indoor plant. Indoor plants are not only for decorations but some plants could also be beneficial for our health and indoor environment. 

Some plants that could be planted indoors are peace lilies that help to clear the air of cigarette smoke. Bamboo palms could also reduce irritation due to dust particles in the air caused by pollution. Snake plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen while geraniums could help keep mosquitoes away. Meanwhile, English Ivy would absorb airborne mould and for a natural indoor air purifier, you could plant some Boston ferns. 

Indoor plants are also a great way to beautify your home. Plants provide a calming effect that helps reduce stress. When deciding on which indoor plant you should plant or purchase, it is important to note that different plants require different amounts of sunlight and humidity. As such, some indoor plants are more suited to be placed at certain areas where they could get the amount of nourishment needed to grow healthily and survive. Some plants would also require more care compared to others. 

By gardening and taking care of an indoor plant, your emotional and psychological well-being would also improve greatly. Having greenery indoors would make your living space feel more alive. 

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