Casio To Release The GM-110RH, The Second Signature Model In Collaboration With Pro Basketballer Rui Hachimura

by | Aug 19, 2021 | LIFESTYLE, LUXURY | 0 comments

Casio has announced the release of the GM-110RH, the second signature model designed in collaboration with NBA pro Rui Hachimura as part of a global partnership agreement Casio signed with Hachimura in November 2019.

The new GM-110RH is based on the GM-110, which features a metal bezel and watch face and band loop in yellow, red, and green accents inspired by the colours of the national flag of Benin, Hachimura’s ancestral home. The yellow hour hand, red minute hand, green inset dial, and Y-shaped bridge are laid out for optimum visibility.

The new watch not only comes with a basic black urethane band, but also a urethane band with a West African kente-cloth motif inspired by the traditional clothing of the region. Hachimura’s signature “Black Samurai” logo is engraved on the back plate, band loop and special packaging with the Japanese character for the number eight—‘hachi’—representing both his name and jersey number.

“The watch draws inspiration from my roots in Benin and Africa, which are very important to me. The band design and watch face evoke elements of Beninese culture and I am delighted at how Casio brought my ideas to life,” commented Hachimura in a press statement about the new model:

Source: CASIO