AirAsia Extends Food Aid Support Through Collaboration Between airasia grocer And kitajaga.co

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AirAsia Group today launched a new food aid initiative as part of an ongoing support strategy to help those most affected financially by the prolonged effects of the pandemic. As an organisation that always puts people first, the Group is utilising the current end to end infrastructure it has developed in recent times, to provide aid affordably, seamlessly and efficiently, during this time of need. 

Most of the assistance provided thus far from many food aid programmes consists of only dry food and staple basic necessities, however it was identified that there is also a need to provide some additional form of essential nutrition to the most deserving households to enable them to have a balanced diet in these difficult times. 

Answering this call for a broader range of nutritious food items and using the current airasia ecosystem, airasia grocer, the groceries delivery arm of the airasia super app (previously known as airasia fresh) came up with specially curated Kita Jaga Kita value packs, which comprise a range of nutritional and affordable daily grocery items for people and families struggling the most. 

These fresh food items are carefully sourced by airasia farm which works with small local farmers. Besides providing a source of additional income to these farmers and merchants, airasia farm aims to provide them with skills to digitalise their businesses for a much wider market reach in the new e-commerce era.

The last mile delivery is fulfilled by Teleport, the e-commerce logistics arm of airasia, focused on delivering these value packs door to door, within the same day. To kick off the campaign, volunteers from the AirAsia Group provided food aid to three (3) orang asli villages in Gombak, Selangor. The request came from NGOs for these value packs as the villagers had no means to walk to the nearest sundry shop to buy their fresh provisions. 

AirAsia Allstars also came together to collectively extend help and offer  value packs to other AirAsia Allstar colleagues who are under quarantine and are unable to get fresh food themselves as a result of the restricted movement orders in place. 

As there is a greater need for help arising from others in the community that AirAsia Group serves, airasia grocer formed a synergistic collaboration with local site kitajaga.co to enable generous donors to purchase Kita Jaga Kita value packs directly through the site and enable donations to selected recipients in Klang Valley.

In addition, airasia grocer will match every purchase of the Kita Jaga Kita value pack sold and donate the same amount* to a selected recipient of choice on the kitajaga.co site. 

kitajaga.co is an emergency food aid platform built by a group of volunteers from Terato Tech, a Malaysia-based digital product development company, to help Malaysians affected by COVID-19. It allows good samaritans to reach out to those in need and offer their help in terms of groceries and daily essentials. Anyone residing in Malaysia can register on the site either as a party who needs help or a concerned party offering assistance.

Amanda Woo, Chief Executive Officer of airasia super app said, “Serving the underserved underpins our brand. This collaboration with kitajaga.co is very meaningful to us as it ensures that those in need receive food packages that can  help provide their required daily nutrition. We are also making it easy for anyone to assist and through kitajaga.co, donors can select their own preferred recipients. Furthermore, all products are sourced directly from airasia farm, thus benefiting local farmers and suppliers as well.”

“We believe that through our efforts and kind donations, this initiative will help ease the burden of many of those who are most affected by the pandemic, at the same time, assisting Malaysia to   emerge from the pandemic as a stronger nation,” said Amanda. 

Generous donors can participate by purchasing affordably-priced Kita Jaga Kita value packs from airasia grocer directly via kitajaga.co. Each pack is priced at an affordable RM79 (Large) or RM43 (Small), and consists of essential fresh nutritional grocery items such as fish, poultry, vegetables and other sundries to help sustain those in need. 

On the kitajaga.co homepage, donors can choose their own recipients from the page and proceed to complete their purchase on airasia grocer, who will then have the packs delivered to the intended recipients. 

The Kita Jaga Kita programme will run throughout August and members of the public can contribute by following these simple steps: 

  • Step 1: Go to kitajaga.co, select a recipient and reach out to them to acquire their address and contact details. Then click “Hantar Barang” (Send Groceries) 
  • Step 2: Click ‘airasia’ to proceed
  • Step 3: Add the recipient’s delivery details (from Step 1). Please login to your airasia account for this step. 
  • Step 4: Purchase your preferred Kita Jaga Kita Value Pack
  • Step 5: Checkout and let the airasia grocer team do the rest! 

airasia grocer is continuously expanding and interested merchants can register their interest to be part of the fast growing airasia super app, by filling up this form, and they will be contacted for further details.

Source: AirAsia