Hard for Parti PAS to gain wide acceptance

by | Aug 17, 2021 | NEWS | 0 comments


Mention Parti PAS to right thinking Malaysians and the fear of Islamophobia immediately surfaces and people have visions of ‘hudud’ laws and extremism and fanaticism. There is no stopping the list of ills as the rakyat feel Parti PAS wants to bring the country back to the Dark Age.

It was Parti PAS who orchestrated the Sheraton Move in early March 2020 that witnessed the ouster of the democratically-elected Pakatan Harapan government. By using back door tactics and failing to play by the rules of the game they came to power.

Ask most Malaysians what their impression of Parti PAS is and most likely you will gain the common response that they are liars and hypocrites using the holy religion of Islam for their own power hungry plans.

There is no mistaking the wariness and caution of Parti PAS by Malaysians as they now seek to offer themselves as the new theocratic government of Malaysia following the exit of Perikatan Nasional and the resignation of Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin.

For many Malaysians Parti PAS has come out strongly to promote proselytizing activities amd have used deceitful tactics to  convert non-Muslims to Islam and on certain ocassions there were complaints of forced conversion.

All this has caused a backlash and now that they want to form the government there is hardly any support for them and what is happening instead is that Malaysians are keeping Parti PAS at bay and causing the political party to be unpopular and isolated.

Fundamental Islam has caused damage and destruction all over the world and both Muslims and non-Muslims fight shy of wanting to be involved with what they consider a negative and needless form of religion.

This is why Parti PAS is losing a lot of support from Malaysians and they look to have become a lunatic fringe group with a lot of bark but no bite. Since they are now directionless and without any clear aims and objectives the future looks bleak for Parti PAS in Malaysian politics.


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