Harnessing the power of the internet

by | Aug 15, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


Perhaps it is now, like never before in the Internet Revolution, that it has occurred to us netizens that the power of the Internet is amazing and awesome and has never been more crucially-needed than now during this Covid-19 pandemic.

All over the world the clarion call is being made to digitize and get onto the internet for our survival and well being. If people want to prosper they have to become netizens and welcome and embrace the Digital Age.

By and large the tremendous power of the net is not without its challenges. Observe how many scams and fraudulent activities take place on the internet and it immediately conveys a sense of danger.

Criminal activities, sexual deviancy or smut (pornography), phaedophilia and identity theft are among the rampant and widespread dangers netizens face in surfing and in being an internet user.

Browsing can be a pleasure. It can also be an annoying and exasperating experience especially when conducting e-commerce transactions that people realize it’s not the World Wide Web but the World Wide Wait.

Dot.com companies have mushroomed only for people to realize that quite a number of them are really ‘Doubt.com’ companies as they engage in fishy or fly-by-night activities which leaves some netizens experiencing an ugly and bad feeling.

Feel free, be welcome on the net, it is not obligatory but be prepared for a whale of a time as the extraordinary experiences you undergo will confirm conclusively and testify and admit that the internet is really nothing but sheer power at the click of a button.


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