Not a House for caged monkeys, Johor’s Sultan may dissolve state assemble

by | Aug 13, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar said on Thursday (Aug 12) that he will not dither to dissolve the Johor assembly if the Perikatan Nasional government falls.

The Sultan during the state assembly was stern to remind the 56 Johor representatives that ill-mannered behaviour will not be tolerated.

He said that this was an august House and not a House for caged monkeys.

The monarch added, “I will not entertain any political games coming from assemblymen who continue to fight until it disrupts the government and state.”

Sultan Ibrahim’s speech also stated that it was unnecessary to debate or discuss motions that were not relevant.

The session hosted was a vital stage for the state government to explain its plan of action for the state’s pandemic crisis.

He urged that the priority are the people struggling to put food on the table, the unemployed and those fighting for their lives.

Perikatan Nasional is currently the state government with a slim majority of 29 seats, contrasting the opposition with 27.

The session was the first state assembly since the National Recovery Plan.