32% of young adults unenthused over getting vaccinated

by | Aug 13, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

A collaborated conducted survey has revealed some young adults in Malaysia are not enthusiastic about getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

The study by Ipsos Malaysia, Sunway University, Monash University and Universiti Sains Malaysia showed 32 per cent between 18 to 30 either did not intend on getting vaccinated or were hesitant about it.

Perception Towards Covid-19 Vaccine, the title of the survey, explained that high-risk people had stronger encouragement to be vaccinated by their families and friends.

However, youth peer groups already reluctant about being vaccinated were unlikely to be encouraged.

“A particular focus should be the youth. Being less at risk for the most severe impacts of infection, the benefits are less obvious. Encouraging youth to accept the vaccine could have a self-reinforcing effect as social influence (e.g., family, friends and peers) plays a key part in boosting vaccination intention,” the survey said.

The statistics also proved that there needs to be an increase of awareness among young adults about the individual benefits. Only 64 per cent believed that it benefited an individual.

Those age 41 showed the lowest percentage at 70 per cent.

“Awareness of the benefits vaccines bring for the community at large is high, but more work needs to be done to convince people across all age groups of the individual benefits of getting vaccinated and the subsequent spillover benefits into the community,” it said.