Malaysian needs support for her 21 pets

by | Aug 12, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

A Malaysian woman has pleaded for help to support the 21 pets she saved from the streets.

Nur Hazimah Shaharoni, a factory employee, is caring for 16 cats and five dogs. But as her sector got impacted by the pandemic, she was made to take unpaid leave.

Her company currently supports her with only RM 400 a month during the ongoing lockdowns. She said that besides the allowance, she has no other source of income.

Hazimah now lives with her struggling brother and uncle. Her brother who delivers food is unable to work due to his broken-down motorcycle. Neither does he have the income nor savings to get it repaired.

Her uncle on the other hand shares the same predicament with her, having no income as his workplace is closed.

The Muslim woman, fostering two puppies after their mother was caught, is asking for food supplies like Pedigree and ProDiet.

“I just want to ask for help for the dogs and cats. The dogs eat rice and chicken livers. 500 grams of chicken livers and eight pots of rice a day are needed for three adult dogs. Two puppies require a puppy Pedigree.

“As for the cats, they eat ProDiet. One sack can last for a month,” she said.

She listed her details to those who are willing to help her care for the wellbeing of her furry friends.

Name: Nur Hazimah Binti Shaharoni

Account Number: 19651119499

Bank: Hong Leong Bank