Khairy Jamaluddin calls UMNO President a liar

by | Aug 9, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

UMNO president, Ahmad Zahid, has been called a liar following a statement by Khairy Jamaluddin on Sunday, August 8.

The UMNO Member of Parliament based his call-out on the trust issues he developed for the President due to previous incidents.

He said that it started by Zahid lying to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in a letter from October,2020. The letter stated all UMNO MPs were in support of Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister.

Khairy told that neither Zahid nor Anwar had consulted him for permission to use his name.

He added that the second dent came from a leaked phone call that was recorded between Zahid and Anwar.

Initially, he denied that it was not him and intended to file a police report. However, he later backtracked and admitted it was authentic.

The Science, Technology and Innovation Minister pounded more by claiming that Zahid’s move to withdraw from the Perikatan Nasional coalition was in opposing views by other UMNO MPs.

“How can I trust a President like this, let alone about this new decision that is claimed to be unanimously supported by the Supreme Council, even when there are some MPs who are council members who made a different decision?” he questioned.

Although Khairy is not in favour of the Bagan Datoh’s leadership, his loyalty remains with the UMNO party.