Health experts hesitant to allow Prime Minister SOP lift

by | Aug 9, 2021 | NEWS | 0 comments

Several health experts have warned that lifting the current standard operating procedures is dangerous as the Covid-19 virus is still mutating.

Prof Dr. Moy Foong Min of University Malaya explained that despite being fully vaccinated, people are still able to be infected.

Although the symptoms may be mild, the transmission of the virus is still possible to those unvaccinated. She added that the risk is still high as the transmission rate is at R nought 1.1.

The addition of allowing interstate travel should continue to be banned due to different rates of infection across all states.

She insisted that the SOP lift should happen after the national fully vaccinated rate passes 50 per cent.

Dr. Raj Kumar, President of the Medical Practitioners Coalition Association of Malaysia, also shared similar thoughts to Dr. Moy.

He said, “We cannot let our guard down. The good thing is that majority of those vaccinated only have mild infections. I think it’s still early to lift restrictions for the fully vaccinated. I propose a wait-and see approach for the moment.”

On Sunday (Aug 8), Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced that from Tuesday (Aug 10) those fully vaccinated will have an ease of Covid-19 restrictions.

Some of the relaxed rules are parents and married couples able to interstate travel, religious places to be opened and dine-ins at restaurants.