dōTERRA Malaysia Donates RM100k In Support Of Cancer Patients And Selangor’s Vulnerable Communities

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Integrative health and wellness company and the world leader in the global Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Market, dōTERRA, has donated RM100,000 as part of the ‘Engage in Good 2.0’ initiative to support community outreach activities in the country. 

Organised for the second time in the pandemic period, dōTERRA Malaysia joined hands with two local NGOs, namely Hope Selangor and the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) to provide food aid to underprivileged families in Selangor and also help support play therapy service for the children in NCSM, respectively. 

Speaking of the company’s long-standing commitment towards community outreach, Ethan Wang, General Manager of dōTERRA Malaysia regards the latest initiative to be much-needed as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to affect the livelihood of Malaysians. 

“As we have spent over a year and a half in this pandemic, we are now hearing more frequent stories of families struggling to make ends meet and many not having sufficient food supplies and groceries for survival. 

“The various social media movements and community-driven outreach efforts conducted by Malaysians to support and uplift each other in this pandemic has inspired us to do even more for the community and through our collaboration with Hope Selangor, we will provide groceries and food supplies to over 625 families in Selangor,” said Wang. 

(NCSM’s play therapist Sri Ram Seetha (left) interacting with one of the children at the play therapy / dōTERRA Malaysia)

Hope Selangor’s co-founder, Prema Arasan, said “In view of the high number of daily reported COVID-19 cases in the country, many Covid positive patients have now been ordered to self-quarantine at home. Together with the support of doTERRA, we are currently helping the underprivileged communities in B40 and M40 especially those who are quarantined at home by providing them with items like cooked meals, medicines and supplements, hygiene kits, Covid self-test kits and portable oxygen cylinders.” 

“As we work towards the mission of alleviating poverty and social exclusion in the Selangor region, we are thankful to have partners like dōTERRA Malaysia coming on board to make a real difference in the society,” she added. 

Besides the ‘Engage in Good 2.0’ initiative, dōTERRA has also donated RM50,000 for the National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) to help support the play therapy service for the children who are battling cancer. 

“Thanks to our 55,700-strong dōTERRA community, we have successfully raised RM50,000 through a recent sales campaign to support the building of play therapy facilities for the children of NCSM. 

“At dōTERRA Malaysia, we firmly believe in NCSM’s motto of ‘giving hope and celebrating life’, and we hope that the children at NCSM would benefit from the play therapy we have funded,” Wang added. 

(The newly-built play therapy facility at the National Cancer Society of Malaysia / dōTERRA Malaysia)

Sri Ram Seetha, the play therapist of the National Cancer Society of Malaysia said, “We are indeed very grateful for the generosity of doTERRA in supporting our play therapy services, which is given for free to child cancer survivors. In current times where children cannot play freely and go outdoors, play therapy has proven to be a very imperative aspect in helping them cope with the situation”. 

“Play therapy is not just playing with toys, but a profound and innocent language of expression that gives the child the safety and opportunity to explore their inner world to help them psychologically and emotionally, whilst they undergo the physical medical treatments. It really does a lot to enable children with childhood cancer to move beyond the crisis of childhood cancer, and build resilience,” she added. 

Adhering to the global dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation™ which focuses on empowering communities and supporting charitable organisations, dōTERRA Malaysia has been active in philanthropy having contributed over RM 537,000 for community outreach works since it started its operations here in April 2017.