Territorium Launches First AI-Powered Comprehensive Learner Record

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Serving more than 9 million students, Territorium expands into the U.S. market with highly accurate and automatic skills mapping to translate learning – inside and outside the classroom – into skills that represent each person’s true abilities.

Students receive a Skills Digital Wallet™ that showcases their competencies, ensures they are acquiring the necessary skills at all ages, and helps them define a path to their jobs and careers.

Territorium, a global education technology leader with 9 million users worldwide, today announced the U.S. launch of its AI-powered, cloud-based Comprehensive Learner Record. TerritoriumCLR is certified by IMS Global Learning Consortium. TerritoriumCLR captures all aspects of learning and activities, in school and in life, into a complete competencies and skills transcript, empowering students to optimize their education and career.

By harnessing AI and machine learning, TerritoriumCLR is able to rapidly map and analyze every learning experience inside and outside the classroom into the granular competencies and skills that reflect true learning – not just the courses and grades on a traditional transcript. For higher ed students, TerritoriumCLR recommends courses, learning experiences, and job pathways tailored to each student’s interests and needs. For K-12 students and administrators, TerritoriumCLR ensures the State’s education standards are being followed and the necessary skills are being acquired to provide an accurate measure of competency-based learning.

“We are thrilled to bring our Comprehensive Learner Record to U.S. students,” said Guillermo Elizondo, Cofounder and CEO of Territorium. “By identifying skills gaps at all ages, students, parents, teachers and administrators all have the needed information to ensure proper learning is happening and make any corrections early and in a highly personalized manner. As the future of work changes, the need to understand skills and competencies is becoming increasingly critical. TerritoriumCLR eliminates the guesswork for all involved.”

TerritoriumCLR goes well beyond badging only to provide a new level of trust and transparency into how students are truly performing and what skills they are bringing to the work world. Uniquely leveraging AI, class rubrics, and teacher feedback, TerritoriumCLR translates each learning instance into an evidence-based, teacher-verified, and industry-standards-verified digital record of learning.

TerritoriumCLR also provides a strategic advantage for colleges and universities, enabling them to provide students with an easy-to-use app and a Skills Digital Wallet™, that seamlessly integrates with leading learning management and career systems to help students map their courses and careers. As a result, colleges and universities using TerritoriumCLR are experiencing better student retention and employment rates upon graduation.

Territorium will be showcasing its TerritoriumCLR at IMS’s virtual CLR Connect-a-Thon on August 4, which is available to all IMS Global Learning Consortium members. During the event Territorium will demonstrate the interoperability of its CLR data between CLR provider platforms and consumer platforms.

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