More electric buses in the near future

by | Aug 4, 2021 | NATIONAL, NEWS | 0 comments

Bus manufacturer Gemilang International Ltd which makes and supplies Electric Vehicles (EV) worldwide envisages a transition to EV vehicles in Malaysia is inevitable as this is an emerging trend around the world.

Increasingly supportive government policies, growing environmental concerns such as global warming and EV batteries that are getting more inexpensive are reasons to fuel the belief in the transition to EV buses.

Gemilang stated, besides China, which is one of the main markets, the company’s current order book suggests that Australia and the United States are also aggressively moving towards transitioning to EVs.

In Malaysia, Gemilang began by supplying bus bodies for 15 units of electric buses to Sunway for their Bus Rapid Transit in the year 2015.

Another project was the supply of 10 units of bus bodies for Putra Nevo EV bus which is Malaysia’s first Super Quick Charge EV for the federal territory of Putrajaya which is the nation’s administrative capital.

Gemilang, which is Johor Bahru based and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is planning to continue to ride on the growth of EVs, both domestically and globally whereby certain cities have already switched to EVs from combustion engine powered vehicles.

In the past decade, Gemilang has supplied aluminium buses to companies such as Rapid KL and Rapid Penang as well as manufactured the MRT feeder buses that are used across cities in the country.