Save and preserve our heritage sites

by | Aug 2, 2021 | LIFESTYLE, TRAVEL | 0 comments

If anyone were to travel the length and breadth of the country both West and East Malaysia they will be remarkably surprised by the number of heritage sites many of whom do not come under the purview of conservation.

Once a heritage site is gone, it is gone forever, very much like a species of animal that goes extinct and this is why measures taken to conserve heritage sites must involve all the stakeholders concerned for better preservation.

Let’s not just focus on the UNESCO Heritage Sites in Penang and Malacca, there are possibly hundreds of other lesser known heritage sites that also need to be conserved and preserved for the coming generations to appreciate and savor.

There are currently only about 20 Malayan Tigers left roaming in the jungles of Malaysia and if nothing is done to protect this species, it will go extinct. The same can be stated about some treasured heritage sites around the country.

Malaysians must learn to engage in conservation efforts and have a holistic thinking of why heritage sites must be restored and maintained. The rich content and history of a heritage site is reason alone why it must be preserved.

There is space to juxtapose both modern buildings and ancient heritage sites as by co-existing there is no loss of connectivity with our past and the identity of our nation can be preserved and its history told to all.

Malaysia must draw up a comprehensive Master Plan for Conservation and bring together all conservationists and their efforts to save heritage sites from becoming nothing more than a glimpse of the past.

There must be a concerted effort by Malaysians not just to leap into the sci-fi age or the space age but to have due respect and regard enough to treasure or culturally and architecturally vibrant and dynamic heritage wonders.