Rojas Smashes Women’s Triple Jump World Record to Take Gold

by | Aug 2, 2021 | Sports | 0 comments

Yulimar Rojas – Photo Credit: Flickr

Venezuelan triple jumper Yulimar Rojas became the first woman Olympic champion in her country’s history as she soared out to 15.67 metres to hit the world record with her final attempt. 

Rojas with her charismatic presence started with a brilliant jump of 15.41m that took her 2cm beyond the Olympic record that was previously set by Cameroon’s Francoise Mbango in Beijing during 2008.

However, the world best mark of 15.50m which was set by Ukraine’s Inessa Kravets in 1995, was the main target in her sights. “I was looking for it, I knew we had that distance in my legs to get it today. I was failing a bit in the technical aspect but the last jump was one to give everything, and it was like that,” said Rojas. 

She won silver five years ago in Rio and enthralled a small number of people who were part of the Olympic delegations in the stands. These spectators came to watch the 100m final. 

Rojas has been the dominant force in the sport since the last Olympics, winning the world title a year later and repeating the feat in Doha in 2019. Now she has added an Olympic title. “I can’t describe this feeling and this moment…Wow. It is a fantastic night,” she said.