Our politicians must learn to feel shame

by | Aug 1, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments


It is often openly stated that in politics, just like in writing, the politician and the writer must have a hide as thick as an elephant. Apparently being thick-skinned is important. But it is important not to be thick skinned to the point there is no feeling of shame.

The reason why religions evolved was because the shame a person felt when doing something wrong was due largely to the fact that his or her conscience was troubled and disturbed to the point there was no peace of mind.

But in Malaysia despite being shamed our politicians refuse to budge, give way or step down, instead, they obstinately cling on to power as if it is their divine right to lead the country although they have failed miserably and are no longer required.

Try telling Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, the  current Prime Minister of Malaysia and see and gauge his reaction, he is nonplussed, unperturbed by the fact that millions of Malaysians are baying for his exit from office.

Instead of paying heed to the writing on the wall, Muhyiddin Yassin digs in deeper for the long haul and in the process he does even more damage to the rakyat and the nation until everyone wonders how on earth to get the message to him that he is redundant.

Now that push has come to shove and all efforts at diplomacy have failed it has come to the point where people rally and protest on the streets. But this is not enough. There must now be a collective effort by Members of Parliament to boot the present government.

The government of the day has failed and it is important that every Malaysian come to realize that only by getting rid of Perikatan Nasional can the way be paved for a government of the people’s choice to hold power in Putrajaya.


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