Nam Tae Hyun Publicly Shames & Exposes His Stalker On Social Media

by | Jul 30, 2021 | THE GRAPEVINE | 0 comments

As fans, the love for we have for our idols can be a light-hearted affair. When times get tough, we offer heaps of support to keep them going and cheer them on no matter the cost. But some fans take their love to the extremes and the K-Pop industry has its fair share of extreme fans who go as far as to endanger themselves or their idols in a feat to get up-close and personal without the barriers of a screen.

Recently, Nam Tae Hyun decided to take on the matter head on and decided to confront his stalker publicly on social media.

On Thursday, July 29th, the singer posted a direct message and photo on his social media from his ‘sasaeng fan’ who’s been stalking him for 3 years along with the message, “On a hot day, the stalker is in full swing again.”

According to the 27-year-old, his stalker had apparently contacted his female acquaintance “saying ridiculous things” by sending a lengthy message asking them to “stop meeting up with Nam Tae Hyun”. The stalker strongly believed that she and the singer were in relationship and wanted the said acquaintance to “be aware of ‘her’ existence.”

“We’ve been in touch for 3 years as if we’ve been dating. We’re still in touch. Were we even friends? During that time, he would freak out when I met with other guys, so I didn’t even date anyone. I’m so pissed off.”

The singer responded with a message to his stalker stating, “This time, you revealed your face so confidently. The paranoia that you have can be treated if you consult with a doctor and receive and/or medication. I don’t know you. I even moved because of you.”

“Please… please wake up from your dream. Snap out of it. If this continues I will reveal your face and go to the end,” continued the singer.