Why Friendship is Important

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Opinions | 0 comments

Photo Credit: Pexels

By Ganesh Ramli

Everyone needs friends as no man is an island. Friendships are developed when we meet people. These people could be our neighbours, school mates and even colleagues. Friends give us social support and without them, our lives would be dull. Good friends are those whom we could count on when we go through difficult times. They also make good companions to hang out with and have fun during our free time. 

There are many ways to maintain a healthy and lasting friendship with others. One of the ways is to be a good and reliable listener. Sometimes, when friends share with us about their sorrows or problems, they just want a good listening ear. You would also need to be honest and trustworthy and not lie to friends and always keep their secrets. 

The act of respecting others while communicating would also make you a good friend. Good friends usually invest their time and effort to spend with each other. This would bring them closer as friends and it’s one of the ways to show that they truly care for each other. You should also show genuine interest in your friends’ well-being and be a shoulder to lean on when your friend goes through hard times. 

Good friends give advice to their buddies. They would not stay silent if their friends are going on a wrong path. Friends would also support and help us build up self-esteem by providing praise and assurance. Overall, they encourage and push us to be our best.

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