Crocs Unveils Their First-Of-Its-Kind Collection Of High-Quality Socks

by | Jul 29, 2021 | FASHION, LIFESTYLE | 0 comments

Remember when wearing socks with your Crocs were the epitome of a middle-aged Disney adults fashion point, coupled with a trusty fanny pack? Well, that’s all in the past now because Crocs themselves has announced the official debut of Crocs Socks, a first-of-its-kind collection of high-quality socks “with those in favour embracing the opportunity to celebrate comfort and self-expression”.

(Photo Courtesy: CROCS)

Available in 3-Pack and 3-Of-A-Kind formats, the collection boasts prints featuring tie-dye, marble, camouflage and out of this world graphics in low, quarter and crew heights, allowing consumers to showcase their unique socks style paired with their favourite Crocs™ shoes.

“We’re a brand that celebrates self-expression through personal style and Croc Nation has been confidently rocking their Crocs with socks for years now,” said Heidi Cooley, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Crocs. “This is something our fans have been asking for, so we’re thrilled to introduce the new Crocs Socks collection around the world and encourage everyone to be comfortable in their own shoes.”

Credit: Leeor Wild

(Photo Courtesy: CROCS)

Developed through a multi-year design and manufacturing partnership with California-based textile and technology company FutureStitch, the Crocs Socks collection is engineered with high-quality elastic to help socks stay up, twisted and compacted yarn for improved durability, and a mesh arch band for fit and comfort.

The Socks collections, including new heights and styles, will be released on a seasonal basis. Fans can purchase the 3-Of-A-Kind Crocs Socks for $14.99 and the 3-Packs on www.crocs.com in the United States, Europe, South Korea and Japan, while supplies last.

Source: Crocs