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Born into a family who isn’t financially well off, Apple Low, founder of 331 Team established under Return Legacy Sdn Bhd was motivated at a young age to start taking up part-time jobs in order to make ends meet. The inspiring entrepreneur shares with TMV her journey in starting her own business inspired by motherhood and also her involvement with Return Legacy that led to her successful career in the direct selling and online retail business. 

Apple Low wasn’t born with a silver spoon and she started working part-time at the tender age of fourteen. “After secondary school, I proceeded to study for an Advanced Diploma in Information Technology and Accounting,” says Low who studied diligently and was awarded a scholarship of RM13,000 for her hard work. “Despite getting a scholarship, I still needed to take up 3 part-time jobs in order to sustain the cost of living.”

“Good bosses who are exemplary role models will inevitably pave the way for their employees to be leaders themselves.”

After the birth of her child in 2009, Low understood the kind of baby products a mother would require for her newborn. Being a creative entrepreneur, she decided to sell baby products that are suitable for infants. “The idea of starting a business selling baby products flashed across my mind so I set up shop to do that. The business was really good and I took up 2 more units at the shop lots to sell the products,” reveals Low. 

Soon after, Low decided to build a career of her own. “A friend of mine is the CEO of a nutraceutical GMP factory of the group and I decided to join the company as I saw a great opportunity of the company’s proprietary technology – Micro-Mineralised Nutrient Technology (MMNT). MMNT was developed by Legacy Science and it is an advanced technique used to stabilize a substantial quantity of negative hydrogen ions which help to fight free radicals, reduce the adverse effects on the human body and delay skin aging process due to harmful contaminants and radiation. With the products infused with MMNT, there are visible benefits in protecting and maintaining our health and physical appearance. The development of MMNT has provided Return Legacy the opportunity to formulate a greater range of skincare products. The products are able to seamlessly rejuvenate even individuals who are living a hectic urban lifestyle.” 

Low then went on to establish her 331 Team and within just 5 months in the business, the determined Low had her achievements recognized and she was given the title of “Royal Ambassador”. After 9 months of hard work, Low was again recognized with the title, “Royal Prime”. However, the humble Low credited the high quality products as the reason for her success and she imparts her knowledge and guides her subordinates so that they could also achieve success in their career.           

The products managed by Low’s 331 Team are catered specifically to the needs of women and children. “Our well known skin products are the 2ᴼ Cleansing Water, 2ᴼ Activator Fresh and 2ᴼActivator Hydro. These products enable our skin to stay soft, youthful and supple and they will allow women to have a very good opportunity to achieve a pristine appearance,” shares Low. 

“For our health, the Nureox de’Cleanse is a fiber beverage formulated with natural botanical ingredients that helps our body detox and maintain gastrointestinal health while the Nureox Grain with its variety of ancient grains aids in replenishing the nutrients we require for one whole day,” explains Low. In addition, we also have products for oral health and body care. “Our products are made from the best ingredients and we collaborate with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, SIRIM Berhad and Bogor Agriculture University in producing these products,” says Low with an unmistakable sense of pride. 

Although Return Legacy has already expanded its presence in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, Low is aiming to make the company’s products well known internationally through her 331 Team. 

Just like everyone else, Low also encountered challenges throughout her career. “The main challenge I encountered is in dealing with people. However, I love working with people and I view people as potential talents, not problems or challenges,” Low says confidently.

When asked on her management and leadership style, Low humbly replies, “A leader or boss should always lead by example. Subordinates will only respect and listen to their superiors if they are able to set a good example at the workplace. Good bosses who are exemplary role models will inevitably pave the way for their employees to be leaders themselves.” 

“Lots of hard work and dedication is also vital when starting a business. With these qualities, your business will flourish and you will attain success,” adds Low.